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Introducing the 14" NITRO Cast Iron Skillet

Egg'cellent for large batch recipes


Universal space-saving lids for a clutter free kitchen

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Media Buzz & Rave Reviews

The Rachael Ray Hard Anodized pans earned high scores in our tests

Functional and creatively designed products that's hard to resist snapping up

This nonstick pan landed in the top spot in our testing for a reason—it will ensure that her sweet and savory dishes come out perfectly for family and friends.

Been burned in the past... Rachael Ray‘s new Nitro Cast Iron Cookware could change all that

The silicone grips on Rachael Ray's bakeware are just the first of many conveniences

Rachael Ray won us all over with her hit TV show and continues to wow us with her array of cookware must-haves

It has elevated my cooking, simplified it and brought the act of cooking closer to being pleasurable than I imagined was possible

..their versatility is great for people cooking for big groups, those with smaller kitchen space and the rest of us who just love convenience

NITRO cast iron

NITRO cast iron

Incredible Durability. Fortified Rust Resistance. The Next Generation of Cast Iron.

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