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Pepper and Potato Salad


  • 2 1/2 pounds baby Yukon gold or red potatoes

  • 2 ounces jarred or canned jalapeños, hot pepper rings or hot cherry peppers (about 3 tablespoons), sliced

  • 1 small red bell pepper, seeded and chopped

  • 4 scallions, chopped

  • A splash hot pepper juice (from jar or can)

  • 3 tablespoons cider or wine vinegar (eyeball it)

  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

  • Salt and pepper


Chunk up the potatoes, cutting them into large bite-size pieces, and place them in a pot of water. Boil until tender; then drain and return back to hot pot to dry them out.

Add hot peppers, bell peppers and scallions to potatoes, then dress with a splash of hot pepper juice and vinegar. Toss to combine.

Drizzle with EVOO to coat the salad evenly. Season with salt and pepper, and serve.